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Our bandknife splitting machine is used to cut blocks and slabs made of expanded rubber, PE-forms
and similar materials efficiently and economically into thin sheets. The machine can be incorporated
into a continuous production line.

Manufactured for years in Korea by Gong Young Industrial Machine Co. thest machines have been
workhorses in the Far East for the manufacturing of sheet goods, the foils, and soles for the shoe
industry. In distributing them to the North American market, Worldwide Machinery provides a highly capable
splitting machine at a much lower cost then a Fecken-Kirfel or Baumer.

Features & Advantages

 Capable of cutting tolerances */ - 0.1 mm (0.004")

 Working widths of 1.5 m or 1.7 m (59" or 67")

 Opens to 8" total, 3.5" on top and 4.5" on bottom of rollers

 Cuts 1 lb to 15 lb crossliked PE with ease. Also, extruded PE, beaded PE, and PP beaded foams
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